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“I love the design in that it can be used to remove the hardtop literally in just a few minutes and moved to where I want to store in my garage and then back on the Jeep again. Best of all I don’t have to back up fifty times any more to line up my Jeep under the top and still need three people to place my top back onto the Jeep. Good bye hoist!!!” 

B. Ingram
Atlanta, GA

Video of taking the top off.. Amazingly easy and fun to use. You be the judge.

D. Hill
Deltona, FL

“Want to thank Toplift Pros for making my wife happy…! No really, Happy Wife, Happy Life. Since I received, no need for her to help and pinch her fingers anymore and hearing about it for the next week or until she wants the top off again. All I can say that it’s really as it looks in the video. I was skeptical at first for you know when you see an ad for a product and never winds up being what it depicts. Not true about this product. Really cool and love using it. I thought about the price, but then after comparing what is out there and then getting it, using it, I was convinced that it was the best choice I’ve made for my Jeep. And my wife loves it for I can take the top off alone and in no time on top of that. Thanks again.” 

J. Parker
Orlando, FL

“I’m not one for writing reviews, but this I had to do for something that is so awesome over the hoist I have had forever. I have had every hoist system on the market and I can finally say, “Don’t buy a hoist”. Biggest to me was how much time I save. It took me twenty minutes just to prepare my hoist, tape marks where to drive my Jeep, have a stop to make sure I don’t go too far. And Now, three minutes and it’s stored. Not to mention that only a few times I was able to put my top back on by myself, BECAUSE you can never park your Jeep the same way twice. So think twice before you buy. You need to try this.” 

T. Earl
Dallas, TX

“We were very impressed with the unit from what we saw just online. Even more so seeing it in person. We are glad we purchased the unit (especially compared to a hoist) and look forward to using it. Moreover, the service we received from the company (Fred) and his attention to details and our questions convinced us this product and his company was the one to go with. Would not hesitate to recommend the unit and this company to anyone looking to purchase it.” 

Van S.
Boynton Beach, FL

“I would like to thank Mr. Frederick for a great invention. When I first saw his YouTube video about this Alien Lift I knew I had to have one and so I did. It is the most simplest but great design to take off your hardtop to your Jeep. I used mine so well it takes me only about 5 minutes to take off and put back on. I would say this is a great item to invest in and to have in your home if you own a hardtop Jeep. I truly encourage anyone to get this great invention. Once again thank you Mr. Frederick for a wonderful product.” 

Clifford W.
Crystal R., FL

“I can now appreciate the Jeep with no top on. We only took our hard top off maybe twice per year because of how labor intensive it was. Since we bought the Top Lift Pros lift to remove and store it, we take our top off at least once a week or sometimes even leaving the top off for a period since it stores so nice in the garage space. And plenty of room to park in the garage with the top stored. My friends have the hoist and they both have to park outside with the top lifted off in the garage. There’s just no room to park. Since they tried my device, they are all in. They could not believe how simple it is to use. We are part of some three families that use our Jeeps and venture together and always we have to help each other with at least putting the hard tops back on each other’s Jeeps. Problem solved and more time to go have fun.” 

A. DeMotao
Lexington, KY

Toplift in use by M Murphy

“Without a doubt the easiest, simplest and most time efficient method of removing the bulky, cumbersome hard top off our Jeep Wranglers! Once the Freedom panels are removed and the bolts securing the hard top are undone, it literally takes about 60 seconds to lift the hard top off the body, lock it off, and roll it aside. Having the Top Lift Pro is a MUST if you’re a Jeep Wrangler owner! When I want to take the top off in the spur of the moment, I can now do it! Quickly, easily and safely! After having seen and tried the do it yourself methods that are out there in the market today, and now having had the opportunity to have and use the Top Lift Pro, it is truly, ‘hands down’ – the one and only product you’ll ever need for taking the hard top off your Wrangler!” 

M. Murphy
Grand Junction, CO

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“I never experienced that level of customer service before. Once it was put together I lifted my Jeep top in seconds, yes seconds, and rolled it into a safe place in my garage for storage for the day and when I came back that evening, it was seconds to put back on. You can actually take your hard top on and off in seconds! The system is sturdy and rolls away to the side of my garage for storage. Frederick advised there is also a door lift to take the doors off; I may consider that as my next purchase too. I highly recommend that you get the Top Lift Pros if you’re looking for a quick, easy, simple way to take off and put back on your Jeep hard top. ” 

Jimmy D.
Sparta, NJ

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"I had purchased and received the Top Lift Pro about a month ago. I installed it the day I received it. The installation was straight forward and easy when following along with the written and video instructions... Once the Top Lift Pro was installed I wanted to test it out right away even though it was freezing cold in the middle of winter in New England.  I waited for a balmy 40 degree day to test out the JK Top Lift Pro.  To sum it up in one word, AMAZING!!!  This product is the best/ easiest top removal system on the market, and trust me I have tried all of them.  Throughout the entire process from initial order to receipt of the Top Lift Pro, Frederick was with me the entire time answering all of my questions and easing all of my concerns.  Thank you Frederick for the support and inventing a great product!"


*This post has been edited for brevity