Jeep hardtop removal in 2 minutes or less.

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TopLift Pros North America

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Fits in Your Garage
With Space to Park Your Car

Single-person Operation

Fastest Hardtop Removal
System on the Market

Works on Lifted Jeeps,
2-door Jeeps & 4-door Jeeps

All-in-one Hardtop Lift & Storage Unit
Works on all JK & JL models

The only tool of its kind on the market.
Please inquire about all other Jeep models.

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Single-person operation to remove and replace your Jeep hardtop.

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Fastest hardtop removal system on the market so you can get to your next adventure faster.

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No need to drill holes, scratch, or otherwise damage your hardtop.

Hardtop Lift unit
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Fits in your garage with space to park your car.

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Safe and stable removal and storage. Can even be parked on uneven surfaces.

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Works on lifted Jeeps and both 2- and 4-door Jeep Wranglers and even JL 2018 models.

More Jeeping. Less Sleeping.


Remove bolts and freedom panels

Remove the bolts and Freedom Panels.


Jeep hardtop removal tool

Position the TopLift Pro inside your Jeep.


jeep hardtop lift removal

Push down on TopLift Pro lever. Your top is now safely lifted off and can be stored on your TopLift Pro.


jeep hardtop lift removal

Store the hardtop with space to park your Jeep!

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Hurry! Order now as waiting lists are filling up quickly!!

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Shipping prices for contiguous US only. Call for shipping outside the contiguous United States for accurate rate quote.

For full shipping details, see the Shop page.

We are now taking pre-orders ONLY on the TopLift

Reserve your Jeep Hardtop removal with a deposit of $185.00 plus shipping cost of $114.99 for a Total deposit of $299.99 (Price of TLP $949.99 without shipping and Total price including shipping $1064.98) and your TLP will ship approximately September 20, 2019 with the exception of Flex Pay Layaway orders, which will remain the same price.

What Our Customers Have To Say

"Love the lift, takes me longer to unbolt the top than to lift and stow away the top. Hands down the best investment ever. Tech support for assembly was outstanding also."

Jonathan R
"I don’t have to back up fifty times any more to line up my Jeep under the top and still need three people to place my top back onto the Jeep. Good bye hoist!!!” 

B. Ingram
Atlanta, GA
Absolutely love this product. It makes getting My top on and off so easy. Without this device I probably would never have my top off.

Dawn B.
"I can actually get my whole top off in the same amount of time it takes me to remove and store my freedom panels."

Worth every penny. Absolutely simple to use. No ropes, winches, or hassles of other systems. Just buy one, you won't regret it.

Scott R.
“I’m not one for writing reviews, but this I had to do for something that is so awesome over the hoist I have had forever... It took me twenty minutes just to prepare my hoist, tape marks where to drive my Jeep, have a stop to make sure I don’t go too far. And now, three minutes and it’s stored... You need to try this.” 

T. Earl
Dallas, TX
"If you have a hardtop then this is the answer! So easy and makes Jeep Life better than before! I take mine off and on at will and now even for just the afternoon if I want! Fred is the best and will personally call if you have an issue or question! Just amazing for those of us who cant just lift it off! Now I CAN!” 

Michele L

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